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Give Us Back Our Country

August 12, 2009

Americans are sick and tired of Washington trying to run our lives. Citizens are outraged by those who would like nothing less than to control all our thoughts and actions. We want our freedom back.

Now, a lot of conservatives have honest disagreements with the democrats’ attempt to ram healthcare reform down their throats. Yet our voices are being drowned out. Not by liberals, but by the big-money backed fake grassroots screamathons at townhalls all across the country. FreedomWorks and other extremely well financed groups have hijacked the discussion.

Some folks have legitimate fears of Big Government. Some folks are truly happy with the status quo. Some folks are not yet decided, which makes sense, since there isn’t even a final bill on the table yet. There’s also, and I hate to say it, an element of racism involved, at least in a small group of people.


But the lobbyists who run Washington have spent millions to turn what should be a civil discourse into a war. This is unAmerican and this must end. So, to the puppet-masters who seek to control us, I say: “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

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